The Law Firm Network, founded in 1989, is a strong non-exclusive association of independent law firms from around the world whose principal lawyers have close personal and professional relationships. The Network has members in approximately 60 countries and we have an extended global network with quality law firms in close to over 80 additional countries.

Why Use the Law Firm Network?

  • We are different from the hundreds of other networks of corporate law firms around the world.
  • All our members are good friends, trust each other and were typically introduced to the Law Firm Network by word of mouth recommendation. All are “mid-size” corporate law firms.
  • The Law Firm Network has “global reach” presently represented in about 60 countries with good reliable contacts in well over 100.
  • Our Executive Director, Tony Kirwan will seek to guide you as to your needs in any country. Tony’s services are completely free, with no conditions. His guidance and suggestions are provided in as candid, private and objective a manner as possible.
  • Having the experience of developing an international law practice from Ireland, Tony Kirwan has an awareness of what international corporates need and the breadth of experience to back it up. More than just an administrator he is a facilitator.
  • Even if you don’t use the Law Firm Network now, for whatever reason, we want you to feel completely comfortable about coming back to us at any time in the future.